Meet the Girls


"China opened my eyes to just how beautiful
`the worlds is, nature and people really are
when we are observant and paying attention."


China was the trip of a lifetime.
I had the oportunity to experience a whole new
culture and practice a new language. We explored
so many amazing places that I will never forget,
and I hope I get to go back some day."


"China was a once in a life time event
that allowed me to experience everything I had
learned in class, in person. Being able to experience
the culture, language, and places first hand gave
me a new appreciation for my Chinese class
and everything I have learned."


"This was actually my second time on this China trip.
The fact that I have the opportunity to fly half way accross
the world with my best friends, and utalize the skills we
have, is nearly incomprehensable. The China trips have taught
me so much about traveling, and even who I am as a person."


"I really loved spending time with some of my favorite
people while getting to see one of the best cities.
Practicing our Chinese was also one of the highlights,
especially when we were at the Temple of Heaven."