History of Netflix

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The Hisory of Netflix
Through the Years
Year Fact
1997 Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph co-found Netflix for Online Movie Rentals
1998 Launching of Netflix.com
1999 Netflix starts subscription service with offers to unlimited DVD rentals
2000 Netflix Offers personalized movie recommendations based on viewer ratings
2005 Netflix has gained 4.2 million subscribers
2007 Netflix started streaming- a tool that allows movies to be watched on computer devices
2008 Netflix becomes available to stream on Xbox, Blu-ray, and other Internet devices
2010 Netflix pairs with Apple, and movies can now be watched on iPads, iPhones, tablets, and other electronic sources
2011 Netflix launched in Latin America and Caribbean regions
2012 Netflix launched in Europe (UK, Ireland, Nordic Countries)
2013 Netflix launched first original programs: Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Arrested Development
2016 Netflix is a global phenomenon, viewers span 190 countries
2017 Netflix won first Oscar and hit 100 million members
2018 Netflix gains title as most nominated service at the 2018 Primetime and Creative Arts Emmy Awards with 112 nominations.