pancakes on the left, a burger on the right, and Ihob in the middle


I Hop (international house of pancakes) has been open since 1958 and let me tell you, it hasn't failed me once. Throughout Ihops whole time
that it has been open, it hasn't made any major changes to their resuraunt until July 9, 2018 when they changed their name to
Ihob (internationalhouse of burgers). They did this to advertise that they not only had pancakes but burgers as well. Their
burger selections included:
  • The Classic
  • The Classic With Bacon
  • Mega Monster
  • Big Brunch
  • Cowboy BBQ
  • Jalapeno Kick
  • Loaded Philly
  • Garlic Butter

It may not seem that just a name change would do that much for a company but it really did; Ihop ended up selling 4x more burgers than they
have ever sold in the whole time they have been open. The chart below shows the peoples awareness of the ad worldwide
from January to September of 2018
January February March April May June July August September
Before Ihob Change During Ihob Change After Changed back to Ihop
25 million 27 million 28 million 28 million 25 million 25 million 43 million 46 million 37 million
The name Ihob wasn't real though, it was simply a publicity stunt. The
company only posted everywhere saying that they were to get peoples attention. Oce they did this, everyone was talking about it, youtubers
made videos about it, people were doing "Ihob Reviews", and ihop was all over the internet.
Even though this was only a publicity stunt and never fully changed theri name to Ihob, they sure did a great
job gett ing people to pay attention to them. I am not surprised that this woked becasue of how long Ihop has been silent and perfect;
doing this was a perfect way to advertise something after they have beem quiet for so long. To this day, Ihop has still never failed me.