wendys, fresh never frozen


Wendys is infamous for their burgers. Little do yo know, behind that frostie maker wedys roasts everyone on twitter.
it is like wendys has its own personality. these roasts aren't too mean though they are just playfull. Some of the most known battles
that wendys has with another fast food place is dairy queen, burger king, and mcdonalds. Just last year when Ihop changed their naem to Ihob,
wendys posted a tweet about it:
wendys comments on Ihob
Wendys likek to do alot of things like this. In one case wendys helped a kid with his math homework just so that he wouldn't
go and eat at mcdonalds instead. Wendys comments on all sorts of things but people know hwo to get their attention. The best way to get Wendys
attention is to either roast them first or to tell them that another fast food resturaunt is better than them.
But this isnt all wendys does, they are mostly known for their "Fresh Never Frozen" 100% real beef but they are also highly known for their
delicious frosties (personally I like the chocolate the best). Every year for a limited time they have 50 cent frosties:
wendys chocolate frostie wendys 50 cent frostie advertisement